School for the Future

The Schools for the Future Pilot Model

Schools for the Future, now referred to as Bridge To Success (BTS) is a small learning community model designed to serve under-credited, and high schools students significantly below grade level in reading and math proficiency. Each BTS school/small learning community will serve 240 students, all of whom are at least two years behind academically because they have been repeatedly retained in earlier grades.

Bridge To Success will provide students with a performance-driven route to a high school diploma, post-secondary education, and a career. As a result, BTS students will be able to achieve an average of 2 years of academic gain for every 1 year in the program, regardless of entering skill level, and graduate with a regular high school diploma in 5 years or less, ready to succeed at the post-secondary level, with no need for remediation.

Bridge To Success also addresses the mental challenges with the targeted population. PACT Counselors or Student Advocates are part of the school staff to assist with family and individual counseling.